Let's meet Jelly, the new Q&A application for Android and iOS

Do you know Biz Stone? If you don't, he is a very active businessman and his name can be found in Twitter and Medium as the co-founder, or other popular services, such as Blogger for example. Stone is not one of those businessmen who are resting after a success, but instead he goes on with new efforts, such as the latest, Jelly.


Jelly is a social question and answer application (Q&A), available for Android and iOS, that wants to exploit the fact that people are more connected than ever. By aiming at the altruism of people, Jelly is intended to provide answers to those users who seek them, without using any algorithm, such as a search engine, but with the help of users themselves. The users can put a question together with an image using the camera of their device, and then to ask for help from their friends in their various social profiles they have. The people, in contrast to the algorithms, give different answers and this is what Jelly does.

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