Light Switch with NFC (CES 2014)

Would you like to turn on and off the light in your room with a switch which is not connected to the wiring of the house? Fantastic?


This is the historic moment for a technology site to host a post about one of the most humble gadgets: the light switch. This drab, usually white, plastic thing which is on the walls and its only joy is to press it in order to turn on or off the light. The switch you see in the photo above is something else. It is a light switch that you do not need to drill the wall to use it and it is not necessary to connect it with a cable to switch on the light. It turns on by itself. How?

The switch, presented by the semiconductor manufacturing company NXP, uses NFC to connect with the light bulbs which are also equipped with NFC and lights them up. So simple. It doesn't need stable power supply to "send" the signal to the lamp. The movement of the switch is sufficient to produce enough energy to make the connection. So simple! NXP is giving samples to the manufacturers. Therefore, it will not be strange if we see this switch in some houses this year. Because we do not like having holes in the walls.

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