Intel announced the rebranding of McAfee products to Intel Security and John McAfee... celebrates it

In CES 2014, the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, announced company's decision to abolish the name McAfee, replacing it with the "Intel Security" which will encompass all the products of Intel in the area of security. The rebranding will start immediately, but it is expected to be completed in about a year.


The security products of Intel will have a new logo, but the famous "red shield" of McAfee will remain since -according to the company- "it represents the basic values of safety and protection". Intel, which has acquired McAfee some years ago, took the decision for the rebranding after some time. However, John McAfee, the eccentric founder of the company, who created it in 1987 and resigned from it in 1994, seems very pleased by the fact that, at last, his name would be removed from the product that he created. As he said to BBC, he is excited for the changing of the name and "he is eternally grateful for his name being disconnected from the worst software on the planet".

"These are not my words but of million pissed users" John McAfee said, who doesn't love the software that he created. In the context of the announcement of the rebranding, the CEO of Intel announced that some of the mobile products of McAfee will be free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices without disclosing more details.

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