Need for Speed: Rivals review

Need for Speed returns with another gaming title for 2014 called Need for Speed: Rivals and it's officially available for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC but also for PS4 and XBOX One. The new game combines elements from previous titles but also some brand new characteristics inspired by the developers of Criterion and offers a lot of action, adrenaline along with excellent game play!


In Need for Speed: Rivals you can play as a driver or a cop. In the first occasion you drive in the streets of Redmond forgetting all about speed limits and by the book driving. You can get into duals, races avoifing being busted by cops. In the second case, you are a cop and... you have to try to catch reckless drivers! The best of all? You can change your character (cop/racer) with the press of a button!

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