Someone paid $42,000 for one hour with this lady via web cam

She is called Maitresse Madeline and she's a "priestesses" of sexual tying, domination and submission games and other BDSM preferences on site. And it seems, someone paid $42,000 for one hour of online "sex" with her!


The amount of money is real and we imagine (or want to believe) that it has been given by a ridiculously rich man, who simply wants to have this special experience (even if it is absurdly high). The man, in fact, who will pay $42,000 to enjoy Maitresse Madeline was the winner of an auction that was running for two weeks and according to the promoters of, had huge participation. Already from the third day the amount had risen to $10,000 and four of the bidders continued to "fight" until the last moment.

We think that the amount is huge for such "games", but if you want to see how the lady looks like, take a look at this link or even her profile on Twitter.


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