Facebook and Netgear are joining forces to access WiFi networks through check-ins

In an era where everything becomes social, even cakes (!), companies are looking for other ways to take advantage of the users' accounts in Social Networks. Facebook and Netgear announced their cooperation in CES 2014, which allows specific routers of the second company to exploit the FB check-ins and give free Wi-fi access to users. It is not the first time we see something like this, Facebook and Cisco had announced a similar cooperation in the past.


In the case of Netgear, they announced that four models of the routers (R6300, AC1900, R6250, R6200) will provide access to Wi-fi via Facebook check-in, the first of these has already the necessary firmware, while the other three will be upgraded it in the first quarter of 2014.  The companies that will decide to use this service, can set Facebook as the only way to connect or to provide a bypass option with a password, as is usual the deal today.

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