Watch the trailer of "Veronica Mars"

No one could imagine the state of affairs when the creator of the Veronica Mars tv series, Rob Thomas turned to Kickstarter to solve his problems. The endearing tv series which was on air from 2004 to 2007 with Kristen Bell to interpret a smart girl who solves all the crimes, caught its objective to become a movie in a very impressive way, utilizing the "crowdfunding" platform.

Kristen Bell

We are talking about one of the big winners of Kickstarter. When Rob Thomas could not convince Warner Bros. to finance the transition of the series to the big screen, Kickstarter was the only alternative choice. No one would expect that the fans would not only help to collect 2 million dollars for WB to accept the production of the film (it is significant that this amount was raised in just 10 hours), but the total amount exceeded 5 million dollars! Of course Warner Bros. liked this and took over the project. This is the trailer! Enjoy!!!

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