Meryl Streep: "Walt Disney was a phallocrat and a racist"

Whoever thought that she is a woman who keeps her opinion for herself, he must think twice. At the awards ceremony of the National Board of Review, the great actress Meryl Streep revealed her great sympathy for Emma Thompson, welcoming her performance in the film "Saving Mr.Banks" and then she spoke of Walt Disney, who is the central figure of the film, along with the author of Mary Poppins, P.L.Travers. Streep made reference to the racist behaviour of Disney but also his hostile attitude to women, to whom he did not show the slightest respect.

2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Inside Arrivals

"Disney, a man who gave pleasure to millions of people, had a racist inclination and he openly supported the anti-Jewish lobby in the film industry" she said. "He was an "blatant phallocrat" she said with the public to watch surprised.

Speaking of the relationship of Disney with Travers, she said that "it should have been really painful for him to meet to a woman an equally arrogant and superior creature, a person who does not hesitate to reject and devalue her own talents, imagination and the stunning production of the studio".

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