The timeline of the (far) future of humanity (infographic)

The truth is that the predictions are one of the favorite "sports" of many people every time a new year begins. "What will happen in the year that just began?" Sometimes, of course, they go even further. "What will happen in the next decade? What developments we will have to earth over the next ... 100 years?" The BBC Future makes its prediction for the next 1,000 years and even more.


An infographic, which can attract your attention for a long time with its size and content, makes predictions for many many years after. What can we expect in 1,000 years? in 10,000? in 1,000,000 years from now? Hmmm ...

Their predictions continue even further in the future, until the time, in accordance with this awesome infographic, "the earth will die". When this will happen? See for yourself, though, between us, it does not have much importance, judging by the zeros next to this provision, we are talking about incalculably years from now. And, in addition, the total "trip" to these predictions of BBC Future and the infographic are the things which you will enjoy after all...

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