Project Zomboid is a game where you choose how you die!

When a game begins with the phrase: "This is how you died" and starts with all the action then you surely have a lot to see from it! That's Project Zomboid, a retro-style zombie survival RPG that looks awesome!


Project Zomboid is a game from Indie Stone, where you play the role of a survivor of a pandemic that has turned all the people in Kentucky into zombies! The government has placed the state into quarantine and you are called to help as much as you can! You will have to steal and slaughter as many zombies as you can trying to survive as much as you can!

Project Zomboid looks more like a mix between The Sims and Walking Dead with influence from George Romero's work. According to its developers the world is constantly changing so the player will have to cope with all these changes in order to survive. Project Zomboid is in alpha mode and its available through Steam at a price of 13.99€. It's expected to be available for PC by mid 2014.

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