OlliOlli review

Now we're not talking about Olli Ren, but for ollie, the impressive skate trick that all lovers of the game know! Well this the game by Roll7, that has been developed in a very smart way to offer a retro feeling but with a teeny spirit, creating the most addictive game I've ever played in PS Vita!


In case you don't know, OlliOlli doesn't have anything to do with Tony Hawk games by Activision (thank god) or EA's Skate game title! It's just a skate game that reminds us more of a 2D platformer, comprised of several different levels in worlds depending on their difficulty. In each level you will have to go through a specific distance using your skate and avoid ladders, fences, helicopters, dinosaurs etc! During this distance you will also have to complete several achievements (like collecting points, completing combos) and finally reach the finish line!

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