The 5 most "mysterious" sounds ever recorded (video)

A strange sound always surprises us. In this case, however, we have something more special. Five mysterious sounds, whose origin has... troubled many people during the last few years. They are recorded and have been studied in most cases, but nobody can say with certainty where they came from ...



Dark5 has created a video on his channel on Youtube, with these five mysterious sounds, but also five stories about them. Bypassing the accompanying music, you can hear the sounds, but also the information that exist up to now for what it is in any case, together with the theories (or conspiracy theories) that have been made about them.

From the famous case of "Bloop" in 1997 in the Pacific Ocean that troubled the scientists of NOAA, to the mysterious "humming" that drove crazy the world for decades and has led even to ... suicides, the following video includes this 5 "mysterious" sounds that have ever been recorded, by someone. Watch it.

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