A prisoner execution in USA, which reminds us the "Green Mile"

The science of prisoner executions who have been sentenced to death, is a science in progress in countries such as USA. Previously, when the procedure was much more widespread, the executioners were evaluated by how painless was the death of the convicted men. The same applies for the chemical executions now, based on the principle that human life is respectable and death must not be cruel. An execution in Ohio,US that happened some days ago, reminded us very much the movie "Green Mile".


Dennis McGuire was sentenced to death for raping and murdering a pregnant woman in 1989. The execution was programmed for last Thursday. According to the reports of McGuire's lawyer, his death was distressing, lasted more than 20 minutes and the unfortunate man, throughout the execution, made agonizing sounds. The state of Ohio decided last October to use a different cocktail of medicines for the executions, a cocktail which was not tested in other states of the US. The cocktail contained Miazolam and Hydromorphone, in contrast with the Mebubarbital which has been used until now.

The family of the sentenced man was shocked and the case once again confirmed those who are directed against the death penalty. Ironic is the fact that the director of the prison in which McGuire was held, as provided for the procedure before the execution, had assured the viewers in a brief speech that the state of Ohio ensures a human treatment for the men who have been sentenced to death, thus ensuring a "decent execution".

Read more about this case in the reference of the Associated Press.


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