The 8K signal transmission is one step closer

In May 2012, the Research Institute of Science and Technology NHΚ in Japan had managed to transmit successfully 8K Super Hi-Vision signal, with 7680x4320 pixels resolution, just 4.3 km away, using UHF frequencies.


Today, however, less than two years later, a more important milestone, the transmission of 8K signal at a distance up to 27 kilometers, brings us a step closer to such a transmission content. This is because it is  the same distance with the digital broadcast today in Japan.

The 8K Super Hi-Vision signal has a resolution 16 times greater than SD and twice than 4K. And with the help of UHDTV 8K which appeared at the CES 2014, but also 8K cameras to take pictures in this almost ... unrealistic analysis, the Japanese are hoping that in 2020 will be able to enjoy in 8K the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The rest of us will probably wait a little longer, but we like to keep up with the technological developments, even if they delay to reach our front "door".

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