Google presents lenses for people with diabetes

Google announced its participation in a project, in order to help people who suffer from diabetes, by testing lenses which have the ability to control the glucose levels of the patient.


In particular, these "smart" lenses will use wireless microprocessors with glucose sensors, taking data from the tears of the user. The innovative lenses came out last Thursday and have the ability to take one measurement per second. They also contain small embedded LED lights, which are triggered when glucose levels exceed or fall below certain thresholds. Brian Otis and Babak Parviz, responsible for the project, commented: "It is still too early for this technology, but after each clinical study, we improve more and more these innovative lenses. Our ultimate goal is to improve one day the way people with diabetes manage their illness."

The technology giant has already begun conversations with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, in order to insert the lenses on the market, and is expected to seek partners with experience in this field.

"They always said to us that our projects aim the huge profits or to make impressions, but after the announcements of International Diabetes Union that people "losing their battle" against diabetes, we believe that it would be worthwhile to try", say Otis and Parviz.

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