The 95% of ATMs are running on Windows XP

Truth is that the ATMS have been an awesome innovation when they first appeared on the market 40 years ago, but now they seem to have fallen behind in matters of tech evolution. Researches that have been carried out, show that 95% of all ATMs in the world are still running on Windows XP.


Microsoft has announced that will stop the support of Windows XP on 8 April of this year. Although the American company a few days ago said that it will continue to update the security programs until 14 July 2015, warns that "the effectiveness of anti malware solutions for operating systems without support is limited". Nevertheless, the predictions for software update for ATMS until April are not particularly optimistic, because as we read in Bloomberg, it is expected that in USA only 15% of ATMs in the country will have been upgraded to that date and in several cases, this is not easy to do, since it requires corresponding (in time and money) updates in hardware.

With regard to the risks which could arise from this, Dean Stuart, an expert of Diebold which manufactures ATΜ, says that the maintenance of a software, such as Windows XP, "exposes" the systems even more in malware and other type of related attacks, with high risks for the operators, but not for the deposits of the customers. Once again, this proves that the attention given to global security issues could be better...

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