New patent of Amazon "guesses" the products that you want and sends them before your order!

A new patent, acquired by Amazon last Saturday, called "anticipatory shipping" (preventive delivery) of products, allows the company to start shipping items to customers, even before they buy them simply by... guessing their wishes.

Cyber Monday

How exactlly can this be done? No, Amazon does not read your mind, they however read the history of your browser and get ideas from it. The preventive sending of products is based on previous searches, purchases, wish lists and other actions of the consumers in the site, with the company to know even how much time someone keeps the mouse cursor over a product.

With this, Amazon, by sending the products that the user desires to a delivery center near him, believes that they can reduce the delivery time ( they think that the delays discourage customers from buying items online, so they are trying to limit them).

And somehow, the company of Jeff Bezos, for the second time after the drones, keeps our mind busy with some news that seem "unreal" or "controversial", but it may give rise to sarcastic videos like ... this. Watch it!

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