Apple releases iOS 7.0.5 update

Apple released yesterday the latest update for iOS 7, (called iOS 7.0.5) aimed especially at those iPhones (5S and 5C) that had been made available in the Chinese market. According to its changelog, this update solves some bugs related to these Chinese aimed devices and brings some improvements in their network specifications.


iPhone 5s

 A1457 (UK/Europe)

A1528 (China)

A1530 (Asia Pacific)

iPhone 5c

 A1507 (UK/Europe)

A1526 (China)

A1529 (Asia Pacific)


You will not face any update button in your Settings icon (most probably) but in case you are interested, iOS 7.0.5 doesn't affect evasi0n7 jailbroken devices (at least from what we know do far). Oh and there's no official version of the evasi0n7 jailbreak tool but you can download on of the unofficial versions of the tool if you really want to update.

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