YIFI is retiring from the torrent scene

In case you don't know, YIFI is a well respected name in the world of torrents! He's the guy who began uploading movies back in 2010 through a 10 year old laptop and what made him stand out was the excellent quality of his releases combined with small size. He used a series of encoding processes using x264 software along with H.264/MPEG-4 codecs, first in .mkv and then in .mp4 format.


For almost 3 years in YIFI was loved by a lot of users and even TorrentFreak made a headline with him. Now it's time for his retirement. So what will happen to YIFI Torrents? Nothing much! The website has been renamed into and now OTTO along with seraph assume their leading positions! According to YIFI all movies will continue to have excellent quality like before, since only the team will change its members. Nothing else.

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