Would you like a Nexus 6 looking like this?

We have recently heard a lot of info regarding the next Nexus 6 device from Google. Some say that the next Nexus will be built by Lenovo, some others say that there will not be another Nexus smartphone since Google wants to have excellent relations with all manufacturers, so they will stop producing them!


In any case, we love concept phones, especially if they look as good as this one, regarding Nexus 6 and comes from the website


Apart from the photos and the video below, we also have some purported specs: a 5.2 inch display 1080p, a quad core Snapdragon SoC @ 3.0GHz, 32/64/128GB of storage, curved design and a self healable back side like LG G Flex does. Best of all? This Nexus 6 will run on Android 4.5 Lollypop and it will be available in lots of different colours!

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