New video from Apple, tribute to the 30 years of Mac, shot with an iPhone 5S

Apple released a new video to honour the 30 years of Mac that the company celebrated a couple of days ago. It's a clip called 1.24.14 Film shot entirely with an iPhone 5S from 15 different crews all over the world. These crews shot the video on a specific day: 24th of January 2014, 30 years -exactly- after the first launch of the Macintosh computer!


It's over 70 hours of video from all over the world, with people using Apple products, and all of these footage was edited into the new clip that was created by Jake Scott, son of the famous director Ridley Scott, who was the director of the famous Super Bowl 1984 Macintosh video that is being discussed until today!


However Apple decided not to pay for a Superbowl ad but released the video from its official website and YouTube channel, right after the end of the super bowl game.


Read about the video here, or watch it below.

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