The Elder Scrolls Online, watch its epic video and collectors editions

Bethesda has finally managed to blow our minds! The company released an awesome 8 minutes long gaming video for The Elder Scrolls Online, along with all the collectors editions and all the bonuses of the game. There are two collector's editions offering the gift of the company to all gamers: 5 days earlier access on the game before its official release.


The premium edition of the game is called Imperial Edition and costs 99,99$. It includes a metal case, a Tamriel map, a small statuette 12 inch long and a 224 pages art book! It also includes a white Imperial horse mount for online gaming, the ability to play as Imperial in every Alliance and a bonus experience if you play along with a friend.


If you only like the digital content of the game, then you can get the Digital Special Edition of the game for 79,99$. You can find more info in the official page of Bethesda here. The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on the 4th of April fro PC and Mac. We will also have it available for all gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One) will be available by June. 

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