Another shot of Felix Baumgartner's free fall that will simply amaze you!

Please guys, pay attention! If you're not into flights, free falling or intense dizziness then DON'T watch this video. If you are a fan of Felix Baumgartner however and you enjoyed his awesome free fall from 39 km up in the sky while breaking the sound barrier then you will re-live all the emotions you had on that specific day.

felix_baumgartner (1)

With this video you can see all the 5 minute  free fall from the stratosphere, a free fall that was so bumpy up to a point, that made Felix Baumgartner almost faint! All the action starts after 1.40 min but be careful, you have to keep your stomach intact - especially- after the 5.20 minutes where things get... messed up! Enjoy!

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