Microsoft is preparing a ... smart elevator

The research department of Microsoft has developed a smart elevator, which uses artificial intelligence to know in which floor you want to go, without having to press a button.


The smart elevator can find out where you want to go, any time, based on the history and other factors. The head of Microsoft Research, Peter Lee, spoke about the smart lift to Bloomberg and you can see his interview here.

Lee said that the research team of Microsoft has placed a set of sensors in front of a lift, which watched people's movements for three months, in order to learn from their habits and be able to understand their intentions - in this case the floor they want to go. So, the lift may be aware that, for example, it's noon, so you will go for lunch on the second floor where the restaurant is or that it is evening and you will return home, so you want to go on the ground floor.

The smart elevator is, however, only one example of how technology can enter every part of our lives and what guidelines must be followed. Microsoft Research, in accordance with Lee, is looking for such solutions in this era of computers in the belief that "in the future, we will not use our computers, but the computers will work for us".

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