Who managed to beat Bill Gates in ... chess?

The life of Bill Gates, co-founder and president of Microsoft, does not need to be talked about, you know him very well, I imagine. His insight shaped to a certain point the technology industry and we give him all the necessary credits for that. But now is the time for Bill Gates to look like an ... idiot in front of someone else! This person isn't just a regular man!


It's Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian chess player and grandmaster with whom Bill Gates met on the talk show Skavlan in NRK channel. The production had organised a chess match between Gates and Carlsen with the second player not just to prevail but to do it in just 79 seconds! Although his performance seems to be outrageous, it makes sense considering that the 23-year old Carlsen is currently the World Champion and the No.1 in the world ranking of FIDE. Just think that with the 2,861 Elo points that he collected, he broke the record of the legendary Garry Kasparov!

Anyway, check out the video, it's small anyway ...

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