Foxconn has assembled 100 iPhone prototypes with ... sapphire crystal on their display!

As we read from leaked info from a factory of Foxconn in Shenzhen, the manufacturer has signed a contract to assemble 100 prototype models of the next iPhone generation, which differ from the other. Why is that? Because their screen is made of sapphire crystal!



Replacing the Gorilla Glass screen protection with a material which is regarded as one of the most hard on the planet, Apple wants to make a difference and it is not the first time that we read such rumours. However, this manufacturing process is much more difficult. Apple has used up to now sapphire crystal in the rear camera and the TouchID sensor of iPhone 5S. In fact, the company uses 10% of the manufactured material in the world and intends to make further use of it in more products.

And while these rumours come to our ears, note that Tim Cook, in an interview to ABC channel, confirmed that the new unit of the company in Arizona will be used for the production of these iPhones with the sapphire crystal... And who knows? Perhaps in the iWatch which is being prepared by the company! In the near future, we will know more.

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