iBag. The bag that stops you when you... shop too much!


If you are a particularly... big spender and you are unable to hold yourself from too much (and perhaps unnecessary) shopping, it's time to take a look at ... iBag. It is a "smart" bag, that has the ability to protect you from unnecessary purchases with its ... way.

It leverages the capabilities of Arduino platform, having the possibility to alert you via LED when you approach a "favorite" store that you must not get inside. If you ignore the alert, it can even send SMS to someone that you have chosen to prevent you from entering the store!. But even if you do not stop spending, there is always the option to be locked to prevent you from having access to your money or credit card.

We don't know if all these can finally stop you from shopping, especially during the first few days when you get your salary, however, in each case, you can read more about iBag here or to watch the following video.

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