Pinterest creates a list with pins based on user's interests.

Pinterest has set several goals for 2014 and today has revealed to us the biggest: to create new ways of browsing Pins for the users. We saw a few days ago that Pinterest created search filters for cooking recipes and today we learn that the popular Social Network creates lists with pins based on the interests of the user.


By opening the menu with the categories of Pinterest, you can see a new option with the name "Preview! Explore Interests". The "Preview!" word says that the new function is still in trial mode, although it is increasingly available to everyone and it will soon be availiable on mobile devices.



The new function creates a page based on the interests of the user, from his Pins and propose him more pins. Inside the page there are several boards with topics which are well known to every user and contain Pins around each topic for exploration. The renewal is carried out frequently and the page contains more and more Pins for those users who actively use Pinterest.

The early stage of the new feature might display pins which are not interesting to the users and Pinterest asks the users to be supportive, as well as they accept feedback and improves the feature.

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