More than 1 billion smartphone sales in 2013!

IDC (International Data Corporation) succeeded in its prediction by announcing that more than 1 billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2013! According to official figures of the companies and the retailers 1,004,200,000 smartphones were sold, 38.4% increased compared to 2012 and show clearly the dynamic of the market.


Smartphones with larger displays prevailed and also the lower costs devices, because they have been purchased in the markets of Asia, such as India and China. Samsung maintained the first place by selling 313.9 million smartphones in total and gained almost 1/3 of the share of the market, particularly 31.3%. However, the data from IDC show that they lost ground in the last quarter of the year, compared to the competition. Apple is in second place with 153.4 million sales, an amount which is impressive compared to the small range of iPhones, though they noted the smallest increase from 2012 in relation to other manufacturers. The cooperation of the company with China Mobile will be shown within 2014, which means increased sales of course.


In third place is Huawei and in fourth Lenovo with very encouraging results and showing that they have constant presence now on the market, anticipating for even better development in 2014. LG is in the fifth place, just in front of ZTE. Overall, the smartphone market has experienced development of 4.8%, compared to 2012, as 1.82 billion devices sold worldwide. Smartphones are now much more than "dumb" phones sold on the market.

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