The cunning of Facebook to steal your personal information

Every Facebook user has chosen which personal information he wants to share in public or with his friends and which of them wants to keep hidden, only for himself. The most popular social network doesn't like the second choice, as wants to know as much as possible for its users, for advertising purposes and not only.


What solution Facebook found out? To add the option "Ask (to learn) ... " in any field that the user has no information, whether it's his email or the place of residence or his occupation etc. Through this option, any friend of the user may send numerous requests, adding personal message for the reason why requests the information. Then, the user can send the information only to the user who has requested or to all his friends, by adding it to his profile.

This solution seems a little bit selfish by Facebook, since the user could simply send private message to other users and request any information. Instead, now the users will receive more alerts in their profile and there is no option not to accept them. And all this in order of Facebook to have more information about the users.

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