Did you send an iMessage by mistake? Perhaps soon you will be able to fix your mess!

Well almost every one of us has made at least one error in his life by sending an iMessage he/she shouldn't have. Well it looks like soon, we might be able to solve this problem, if Apple manages to make real the patent it filed a couple of months ago.


According to it, the user will be able to fix a mistake he made and fix his iMessage even if he/she has already sent it! For a minimum of time after the message has been sent, the user will be able to press this Edit button and replace anything he wants. If not, the message will be sent as usual. Don't worry this small delay won't cause any problems in iMessage conversations and users won't be able to notice it. We still have no idea when (and if) Apple will use this patent on iOS, but we would surely like it to happen!

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