Build your own OSVehicle Tabby, in just one hour!

In case you didn't know, OSVehicle Tabby  is a car that you can order online and have it up and running in just under one hour!


According to the manufacturer, the OSVehicle Tabby is the first open source vehicle in the world that- as you can see in the video- can be constructed in under one hour or... better off, around 41 minutes! Its basic edition has only the necessary stuff (4 wheels, two seat, engine and battery) while it costs almost 4200$. However you won't be able to use it on the streets. For this you will need the Urban Tabby edition that costs about twice as much!

In any case, Tabby's vehicles are the ideal choice for all of you out there who love DIY gadgets and Lego constructions but still want to deal with toys for older boys.


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