iPhone 6 display to be built with sapphire crystal

It's almost certain that Apple is beginning to equip the iPhone 6 with a sapphire crystal display, replacing Gorilla Glass in its devices. And like this, one of the most durable materials on earth is getting ready to be one of the most impressive features of the next iPhone.


According to 9to5Mac, Apple is already able to build almost 100 million iPhone 6 displays (5 inches large each) per year, in its new manufacturing line in Arizona, along with GT Advanced. Apple is already pressing matters so that production will begin by mid February!


But surely how durable can a sapphire crystal display really be? Aero Gear company posted a video in Youtube, showing some old footage (from back in April 2013) showing off how can a sapphire crystal iPhone can withstand severe pressure and friction tests. Have a look and imagine how the iPhone 6 will perform!


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