Super Retro Trio: Play SNES, NES and Mega Drive in one console!

Super Retro Trio is a gadget that every retromaniac would like to own, since it can allow you to play SNES, NES and Megadrive games in one display! It has input for remote controls for all the aforementioned gaming consoles and can also accept their respective cartridges! So if you'd just connect it to your TV with an S-Video/AV cable then you are ready to relive the magic of all these consoles!


Super Retro Trio was announced and it will be available by March, since Innex (the manufacturing company) had some problems that prevented it from launching it last year. In any case you can now pre order it for the price of 69,66$ and also get the Super Retro Adapter for 49,99$ if you also want to play with Game Boy Advance cartridges.

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