Street of fakes. Coffee in Sffcccks, shopping in Zare or Appla and other ... fake stories

In Wuxi, a small town of South China, one street pulls the attention of passersby with its own "special" way. They have described it, not unfairly, as the "street of fakes" and the reason is obvious with a simple walk down its stores or if you prefer something easier: with just a few photos.


In ... "Street of fakes", you will find ironic paraphrases of the names of well-known franchise stores, such as Sffcccks (Starbucks), Zare (Zara), the H&N (H&M), or Appla (Apple) and many more, with shocking similarities in their logos. However, these are not real shops in operation, since they are all locked and empty, but they are trying to "create a shopping atmosphere" that their owners hope to make the buildings more attractive to potential buyers.



Anyway, the Chinese seem to like fake scenes, while there are a few cases where true replicas of the afore mentioned companies do exist in the country.  At least "on the road of imitation" the shops are not real, but as we read, this does not seem to be able save them from legal problems.

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