Why do iPhone holders break their devices on camera?

The decision of Apple to dismiss the last Bitcoin Wallet from App Store, the popular Blockchain application, is obvious that has caused anger among iPhone owners around the world who love this cryptocurrency and transactions. Some of them, however, seem to have been angry so much that they reached the point to ... break their iPhone on camera.


The faithful Bitcoin supporters destroy their favorite phones very easily. So, Reddit have launched an iPhone distraction campaign, which seems to have taken on the scale. The beginning is made by the " Round-Peg " user, who promised to give Nexus 5 to those who will publish videos breaking their iPhone on camera and will gather more than 100 votes at the site. His post was found directly on top of the page of Reddit, but was quickly removed, since it violated the rules of the site.

That didn't stop, however, many people to follow his steps and upload their personal videos, in which they literally smash their iPhones, to protest against the withdrawal of Bitcoin applications.

Watch some of these videos, together with the "frenzy" of iPhone owners to destroy them, although we are sure there are many more available on the Internet.


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