Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition review

Well guys, Tomb Raider for me is just having your first love before your eyes! It was the first franchise that managed to impress me, and blow my mind almost 20 years ago, when I played with it in my first Playstation! The year 2013 marked a significant reboot for the series with Square Enix introducing a new Lara Croft, that has really gone mad, in the Definitive Edition of the game for the next gen consoles!


The scenario of this edition is the same with the "simple" Tomb Raider we played last year. Lara and some of their friends shipwreck on the island Yamatai in the middle of tornadoes, rains, aggressive natives, wolves and other mammals trying to kill them! Lara decides to take things into her hands and turns into a brand new female warrior!

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