The "immortal" Windows XP increase their market share!

Microsoft officially lifted the support for Windows XP on 8 April, keeping only some updates that will relate to user's security until July of 2015, however, it seems that the "legendary" software is alive and still increases its market share.



In accordance with the final report from Net Market Share, the market share of XP between other softwares for computers increased from 28.98% in December to 29.3% in January! Surely Microsoft must not be thrilled, that such an old software is located on the 1/4 of the market, at the same time when Windows 8 (along with 8.1) is just a little bit higher of 10%. However, there is also some positive news for the company from the report, the fact that for the first time Windows 8.1 has exceeded the share of Vista.

In the diagram above, you can see the detailed market shares for the softwares, while Windows 7 are in the first place with 47,49% and Windows XP are following. Let's see how they will survive ...


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