Rumours: Bill Gates is returning to ... the office to develop future products of Microsoft

A few days ago, the technological world discussed enough the possibility of Satya Nadella to become the new CEO of Microsoft and, at the same time, Bill Gates to leave his position as chairman of the board of directors of the company. But a new rumor came out...


In accordance with this, Bill Gates has been removed from the chair of the CEO, but he is expected to help differently the company, so he may return to the offices of Microsoft for one day per week, in order to work on future projects. The reports are coming from Wall Street Journal, which notes that Nadella asked for more active role for Bill Gates as adviser, noting that "it is necessary to have him with us in order to succeed".

Gates has repeatedly said that he wouldn't return to Microsoft in full-time job, as well as the charitable activities are those that "fill"his most time. However, as we read in Bloomberg, there is the possibility to acquire a role which will involve him more in development of new products and not with the board of directors.

It is clear that we are in a period of changes for Microsoft and everything shows that, once again, Bill Gates will not be far away from these.

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