Steve Wozniak: Apple could release an Android Phone!

Steve Wozniak is often heretic, but this time it seems that he outdid himself. In an unprecedented ... comment (which some of us might characterise it even as trolling against the company that he created together with Steve Jobs) notes that Apple could launch a ... Android phone! And he is serious about this...


"There is nothing to keep Apple away from purchasing Android, like a sub-purchase" Woz said, who made these remarks during a speech at the Apps World North America Conference in San Francisco. The proposal for an... Apple-Android device was in response to a question about Blackberry saying initially that "even Blackberry could release an Android phone" continuing that the same could happen by Apple. "We could catch up each other" Woz said for the Apple-Android cooperation. "The users love the look and style of the products we manufacture in comparison with the Android solutions. We could play in two arenas at the same time".

As you can easily understand, an "iAndroid" is extremely unlikely to appear in the market, since this would happen only if Tim Cook gave the "keys" of Apple to Wozniak.

Theoretically speaking of course, as well as Android is an open source software, it could be adapted to the data of Apple creating by the American company a fork version (just as Amazon does to its products). But this is something that we will not see even in cinemas, although in life "never say never" is something which always must be on the back of your head.

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