Liam Neeson has the leading role in Silence by Martin Scorsese

Silence is the new ambitious project of Martin Scorsese that is based on the novel by Japanese Sasuke Edo, and in which Andrew Garfield will be a Jesuit priest who will be found in the land of the rising sun. And now we know who will interpret his controversial religious mentor. This is Liam Neeson.


The story of the film brings us to the 17th century where two Jesuit priests are traveling to Japan to meet their mentor and to find out if the rumors are true about his lost faith, but also to preach the Christian sermons. There, they will have to deal with Japanese feudal lords and other Europeans priests that have no problem to use even violence to conquer more areas. Garfield will emulate Father Rodriguez and Neeson Father Fereira, a historic figure who was tortured, denounced Christianity and married a woman from Japan. Scorsese said to Variety that he is grappling with a story about the origins of Catholicism, because it was something that mesmerized him for the first time 25 years ago and then he just forgot it.

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