Titanfall: 2014 blockbuster!

I never was a fan of FPS games. I considered them all to be boring. The same old weapons, suits, missions, everything is the same everywhere. Well Titanfall managed to change my mind! It's a MMOFPS from EA that looks quite promising as you can understand. Now that I've managed to play the early beta of the game I thought I shared some inside info on it with you.


Entering the beta

You are a pilot in the game (yes you drive the Titans) and you can use a jetpack to walk sideways on walls and make double jumps. You can also turn invisible, run faster or heal faster. However the most impressive part of the game is the Titans. They are HUGE robots (mecha) that allow you to enter and kill anybody around you. In order to call your Titan you have to wait for 3 minutes and then watch him fall from the sky near you. The more levels you win through the game, the more upgrades you get!


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