A doctor saved a patient thanks to House!

A 55-year-old German patient should be grateful to House and the fan of the tv series doctor who watched it with particular attention. Because the time that all seemed to have reached a dead end with him, a tip from an incident of the famous tv series, gave him the long-awaited, correct diagnosis.


The 55-year-old was despaired of his situation, suffered from heart failure, high fever, blindness and deafness, with doctors being unable to find the cause of all this. The meeting with the doctor, Juergen Scheffer, solved his problems within 5 minutes from the time that he said his history. The doctor had just watched recent an episode of House where the patient had exactly the same symptoms and immediately diagnosed that he was poisoned from cobalt. The patient has had an operation and a small amount of cobalt had stayed in his body, causing all these problems. The fan of the tv series doctor did, as another House, directly the diagnosis and the patient found his health!


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