Get Ready in 2015 for shoe laces that can be tied themselves ... from Nike

When Nike launched the Nike Air Mag in 2011, in 1500 pieces, the revenue from which went to the foundation of Michael J Fox, several of the fans of the movie Back to the future II tried to buy a pair. The model of Nike sneakers had one basic difference from what Michael J Fox wore in the film: the laces did NOT get to tie themselves.


This is going to change in accordance to statements made by the designer of Nike, Tinker Hatfield as in 2015, it will be the year that the company will offer laces that can be tied by themselves, called power laces. Will they be like those in the movie Back to the future?



We do not know exactly. The designer didn't make it clear if the power laces will appear in Nike Air Mag or in another sneakers model of company. However, the one and only fantasy after the De Lorean who made trips in time, from Back to the future, becomes a reality.

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