Find out when you will get married through your Facebook profile

Single men and women, the time has come to find out when you will get married. And I can not tell you that, of course, but an application called TIME can, which links to your Facebook profile and makes the calculations.


More specifically, in order to understand better the result of the application, let's look at how this works: first, it analyzes the Facebook friends of the user, then finds those who have declared their date of birth (indicate the year of birth) and have been appointed as "married" or "engaged" in their personal status, then it keeps the age of the previous users and finally, calculates the average age. The previous average age is the ideal for marriage.


Perhaps for some people the ideal wedding date is months or years away. But it can be referred to the past, which means that you are late to get married. Enter the webpage of TIME, press "NEXT", as shown in the picture above, connect your Facebook profile with the application and wait for the results.

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