Research: What do you do with your old mobile?

A research of OnePoll, with the name "Mobile Mountain Study" on behalf of, gives the answer to the question of the title (in terms of what people do with their old mobile phones) and many more.


In accordance with this, 50% of people who participate say that they keep their old mobile phones somewhere at home and do not sell or give them to someone else. As a result, in United States, the commercial value of all those old devices reaches no less than 47 billion dollars (!), if we calculate the total number of smartphones owners in the country. It's an incredible figure! And as it has been calculated, as regards to the old iPhones, this value reaches the 13.4 billion dollars, an amount also not insignificant. From those who choose, however, to keep their old mobiles, 20% of them give it to a family member or friend, 12% to a charity, while 9% throw them away (hopefully this is related to devices that have a ... problem).

The research also notes that women are more likely to give their old mobile phones to a member of the family or friend (at the rate of 22.5% compared with 18% of men), while only 18% of people express concerns about their personal data that are inside the old phone.

What do you do with your old device?

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