The law that could ... stop smartphones and tablets from being stolen

Smartphone and tablet theft has spiked to the roof during the last few years throughout the world and, according to statistics from New York, 18% of the total major thefts in town last year are about iPhones and iPads. And with such approaches, lawmakers in California seem to be looking for a way to limit this phenomenon, with a proposed bill that would require any smartphone or tablet, sold in the country, to be equipped with a "kill switch" which would destroy the devices in the case of theft.


The bill is, for now, quite vague, not explaining how the manufacturers or providers will be able to "put" on their devices this "switch" which would destroy the stolen models. As we read at IDG News, "the carriers" or the phone manufacturers will be able to design their own system, either software or hardware or a combination of both, which, when is activated, will block the calls, internet access and the ability of devices to run applications. It should be resistant to hard reset of the device, efforts to restore the factory settings or to downgrading options in the operating system. The users will have the option to disable the feature, if they do not want such protection, but the retail stores will not have such a possibility.

In case that such a bill finally passes and gets adopted, from 1 January 2015 all devices should have the kill switch, and there will be a fine from 500 to 2,500 dollars to manufacturers for models which do not have the relevant technology.  Already, some manufacturers offer ways to protect (or ruin) the devices in case of theft, but this might soon become mandatory ... Do you believe that such a move would reduce the smartphone and tablet thefts and keep you away from the loss of your favorite devices if the model that you have in your possession has a similar feature?

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