Here are the 12 most hilarious Facebook Look Back videos

Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday and decided to give a present to all of its users that was greatly appreciated. We're talking about the Look Back Video  that reminded of every user some of their best times in the social network.


Some of them didn't stay on this but went a step (or two) further and created their own hilarious version. Some edited the video, some others created their own edition, showing things like Walter White's look back video from Breaking Bad, or Dart Vader from Star Wars. Here are 12 of the funniest Facebook Look Back videos below:

1. Walter White (Heisenberg) - Breaking Bad (Spoiler alert)

2. Darth Vader - Star Wars (Spoiler alert)

3. An Honest Facebook Movie (περιέχει spoiler του Breaking Bad)

4. A Privacy Parody

5. CaveMan Parody

6. Low-tech Parody

7. A second Honest Facebook Movie

8. Vladimir Putin Parody

9. Parody

10. Bible Style Parody

11. Adolf Hitler Parody

12. That Awkward Parody










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