Science fun: Here's how to make a paper plane fly for a long time... (Video)

For all of you that you tried at least once in your life to make a paper plane, watch in this video, what you can do with a chair, a hair dryer and basic principles of science. The problem: your paper paper has limited flight time, even if you use science to make it. The consequences: disappointment, not only for small children who are watching you, but also for you (the joy of a paper plane flight has no age limit)


The solution: a little bit of science, a chair and a hair dryer!

The video that you will see below shows how to make your dream come true: your paper plane will make successive cycles the air, without running to pick it from the floor. All this by using only a chair, a hair dryer and ... the dynamic soaring. The dynamic soaring is a "trick" that birds know enough of, such as Albatrosses, but also those who deal with ... flights. The dynamic soaring is a flight technic during which the birds (or the paragliders) collect energy from the continuous crossing of areas between air masses which have different speed. These air masses are usually between obstacles and near the surface of obstacles. This natural phenomenon helps your paper plane to do what you see here:

And if you don't know how to make the perfect paper plane, watch this video:

Note the labelling of the creators of the video. In order to make this uninterrupted cyclic flight of your paper plane, you must pay attention to two things: firstly make the paper plane properly and secondly to find the correct angle that you will "drop" your paper plane in air currents caused by the hair dryer. The creators of the video had to try 50 times to succeed. You may need perhaps the same times. But the result is awesome, isn't it?

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