PS4 has exceeded in sales all previous Sony consoles

The launching of PS4 was the best console launching that has ever happened to Sony! The company announced a few days ago that the sales of the console surpassed 5.3 million pieces, a figure that ranks it above the Xbox One and Wii, but also above the three previous PlayStation consoles!


The first PS needed 16 months to reach 4.26 million units, with the PS4 to exceed this figure in the first two months. The PS2 is now the most successful console, but its very first day sold 500 thousand pieces, after 7 months on the market had reached 3.52 million pieces and after 13 months 10.61 million. The PS4 surpassed on the first day 1 million sales...

The PS3 in the first 10 months on the shelves had reached 5.5 million sales, while the PS4 has 5.3 million but after just 3 months on the market. In addition to Sony devices, the PS4 has put the glasses in those of Microsoft and Nintendo - the current generation. It has sold 2 million pieces more than Xbox One and as for the Wii U, in absolute terms the system of Nintendo wins, for now, but the PS4 is superior if we compare their performances in the first 3 months on the market.

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